Free Shipping on a Practical Family Gift for Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season are upon us. Through December 18th, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING* on all survival kits and supplies.

We may be biased, but practical gift-giving is a popular topic in a down economy.  Our family emergency survival kits make a great gift.  It’s the gift everyone needs (whether they acknowledge it or not), but very few want to spend the money or time.  So we say, consider the gift of peace-of-mind for your family, loved ones, and close friends.


We have a selection of 14 ready-to-go survival kits to fit any family situation.  If you prefer to take the time to create your own kit, we sell emergency supplies independently, along with empty backpacks and bags with the inscription “survival kit” on the front.

Our primary goal is to help you and your family easily and inexpensively prepare for any emergency. Please stop by our survival supply shop and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

*requires a minimum purchase of only $50

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  1. Posted April 27, 2011 at 11:44 pm | Permalink

    Some of the deadliest natural disasters of the present world are listed below :

    1.Hurricanes, cyclones and floods.

    May 3, 2008. According to U.S. predicts, Cyclone Nargis, swept along by winds that exceeded 190 km/h and waves 6 metres high struck the Burmese peninsula and may have killed about 100000.

    Oct. 26-Nov. 4, 1998. the deadliest hurricane to hit the American was Hurricane Mitch. It killed 11,000 in Honduras and Nicaragua and also destructed 2.5 million as homeless.

    Aug. 5, 1975. Yangtze River in China killed about 85000 people. This disaster was kept secret by the Chinese government for 20 years.

    August 1971. It was estimated that about 100,000 died when heavy rains resulted to severe flooding around Hanoi in what was then North Vietnam.
    Nov. 13, 1970. An estimated 500,000 were killed along the Bhola cyclone in the Ganges delta in Bangladesh.

    June, 1938. Under the direction of Chiang Kai-Shek, nationalist chinese soldiers blew up dikes around the Yellow River to stop Japanese troops from advancing. The heavy flood killed more than half a million people .

    May-August 1931. almost 4000000 were dead by theMassive floods of China’s Yellow and Yangtze rivers due to drowning, disease and starvation. In 1911 and 140,000 in 1935,the flooding of the Yangtze also killed an estimated 100,000.

    2. A 7.0 Earthquake of Haiti

    Haiti was strucked by 7.0 earthquake leveling buildings, degrading the communications and leaving the world wondering about the state of this ridiculously affected country.Buildings were destroyed and many people were injured acording to the witness.The lack of communications led to determine the full extent of damage and destruction of that place.According to Hal Donaldson, founder and president of Convoy of Hope, “Our Haiti country director is on the ground and we are working closely with our partnersto check on the children we feed and also to assist victims with immediate needs”. Several more containers filled with relief supplies and after full preparation, shipped immediately to Haiti in the next few days. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Many of its nearly 10 million residents live in great poverty.Initial reports indicate that many buildings, homes and walls toppled under the strain of the earthquake. For several years,the President has worked in Haiti and currently feeds 11,000 children there each day.

    3.Yellow River flood in 1887 Deads : 9 lakhs – 20 lakhs

    Due to the broad expanse of largely flat land around it, the Yellow River in China is prone to flooding. The 1887 Yellow River floods killed between 900,000-2,000,000 people devastating the area . It was one of the extreme natural disasters ever recorded. The farmers living near the bank of Yellow River had built dikes to contain the rising waters, caused by silt accumulation on the riverbed for centuries.

    So,its our major duty to think what we want?We have no choice to hide after all.

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